2200 Watt 20kHz Probe System for Immediate Shipment (331-332)


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These probe systems are built around 2220HN4-L1 2200 watt 20kHz DPC I generators built in 2008.  These generators are designed to be mounted in a 19-inch rack or the rack brackets/handles can be removed (if desired) and the generators will sit on a shelf or table on rubber feet provided.  Manual is still available for download from Dukane and we will email a copy to you when you order.  These generators have a microprocessor-based driver with linear ramp soft start and Auto-Trac fully automatic tuning.  The driver also uses feedback from the transducer ceramics to match actual amplitude to desired amplitude, so amplitude does not vary either with line voltage in nor with acoustic load.  This makes the generator much more efficient so the power electronics run cooler.  The high power input module and DC buss as well as the matching module are analog and mounted on heat sinks that protrude into a cooling tunnel with a thermostatically-operated fan, so plant air is only drawn into the tunnel when required and only the heat sinks are in contact with plant air which reduces dust-blanket effect on circuit board components to a significant degree.  These generators are equipped with current loop amplitude control and will be shipped with JU716 jumpered on the circuit board behind the front panel door which disables this feature.  To reenable the feature move the jumper to JU715, but if current is not then applied to control the amplitude there will be no amplitude (see manual).

These two generators were originally mounted on a custom machine that apparently never entered production.  In about 2010 or 2011 they were individually wrapped in stretch wrap until early this year.  They were tested and found to need replacement of the input modules that supply high voltage DC.  These were installed in Dukane’s repair department and inspected by their engineers.  These are as close to brand new units as any piece of industrial equipment built in 2008 can be.  They look nearly new outside, and they look and smell new inside.  They even have consecutive serial numbers.  Warranty is 30-day money back or exchange in the USA, no return or refund on international sale.

Each generator is matched to a new tributek AM30122C 3000W transducer (replaces Dukane 41C30) with three year limited warranty (or 2,080 ultrasound hours, whichever is less).

New BT30250 titanium booster by tributek with 3.25″ ring (specify gain ratio) 1/2-20 input and output threads, one year warranty.

New CSHV03M ultrasound cable SHV/SHV by tributek, 3 meters, one year warranty.

New DPC2MPC power cord, one year warranty

System start cable not included.  Generator runs ultrasound when pin 2 and pin 8 receive dry contact closure on SYSTEM INPUTS/OUTPUTS connector on front panel (HD15 15-pin subminiature as on VGA cable).  It is suggested this contact closure be hold relay style so ultrasound shuts off if control voltage is lost (as in emergency stop).

All above made in USA.

Two systems available, subject to prior sale.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 12 in
Booster Gain

0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5

Cord Termination

N. America 240V (-.-), Whip (wires)

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