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We offer consulting on plastics assembly issues related to part design, materials considerations, equipment selection or problems, manufacturing systems improvement, training. Process specialties include ultrasonic welding, staking, inserting, vibration, hot plate, spin, and laser welding, thermal staking and inserting. Broad knowledge base in joining of thermoplastics. Also knowledgeable in issues surrounding standard and custom tooling and equipment businesses, the machine-hour-rate system, etc. Extensive expertise in sales, marketing, and manufacturing of equipment, tooling, and manufactured products.

Brief CV of Tom Kirkland:

+ 1982-1984 Litton Microwave Cooking Products, Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering
+ 1983-1992 Board of Directors, Minnesota Society of Industrial Engineers (President 1986-1987)
+ 1984-1988 Liberty Diversified Industries, Corporate Engineering Services, Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering
+ 1988-2005 Dukane Intelligent Assembly Solutions, Sales Engineer, Regional Sales Manager, Manager of Applications, Tooling and Training, Business Unit Manager (product manager, marketing, product definition, pricing and strategy, training manager)
+ 1997-2006 Board of Directors, Ultrasonic Industry Association (President 2005-2006)
+ 2001-2007 Membership Director, Medical Plastics Division of Society of Plastics Engineers
+ 2001-2005 Committee for Finishing and Assembly of Plastics Society of Manufacturing Engineers (Chair 2002-2005)
+ 2001-2003 G1 Committee for the Vibration Welding Handbook, American Welding Society
+ 2006-present, Owner, tributek

Partial Webliography (approximately in chronological order):

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