2200 Watt Branson IW+ System built 2016
This Branson IW+ 2200 watt 20 kHz ultrasonic welder built in 2016 has the power supply in the head versus a separate enclosure so does not take up any bench space beyond the base footprint.
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2400 watt 20 kHz Dukane iQ Press System Less than 5 years old

You can have this 2400 watt 20 kHz  Dukane iQ press system in your plant and running production before it is old enough to go to kindergarten.  This welder is in very good condition and ready to go. Pneumatic press … Continued

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Ultra 3005pair
3000 Watt 20kHz Probe System for Immediate Shipment (536-751)

These ultrasonic probe systems are built around used Dukane 20A3005 20 kHz 3000 watt generators built 1995/1996. They have a later all-digital Auto-Trac driver boards with linear ramp soft start and fully automatic tuning with front panel knob adjustable tuning … Continued

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40 kHz 700 Watt Dukane Ultra-Com Press System
40 kHz 700 Watt Dukane Ultra-Com System
This is a late 1980s/1990s Dukane 40 kHz 700 watt Ultra-Com system that welds by time, absolute distance, collapse distance, energy or peak power, with programmable secondary controls and bad or suspect part limits on all primary parameters.  This system has a second generation Ultra-Com weld controller.
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Branson CR-20S Converter Replacement (short version)
The CR-20S is only as long as it is because Branson made it using the same housing as the CR-20.  This model mounts the connectors and ground lug directly in the insulator disc of our CJ-20 replacement model (AM44C20), making the housing about 1.25" (32 mm) shorter overall, the same length as a CJ-20.  Making this model shorter lets us leave off the machined aluminum cap that makes our CR-20S replacement (AM44C20RS) about the same length as Branson's, but if it the extra length doesn't matter to you this model does exactly the same job as our CR-20S replacement model (AM44C20RS) at an even lower price,  Maybe Branson already builds one like this.  Maybe if they don't they will some day soon. This aftermarket replacement converter replaces machinery-mounted probe converter CR-20S (125-135-115R), which has a SHV jack used with coax cable to 20KHz 2000, 2000X, and DCX series power supplies.  Three-year limited warranty.  All-new precision made in the USA (ask Branson where they make theirs) in a climate-controlled ISO-registered facility.
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Column Collar 3.5″ (89 mm)
This blacked steel two-piece collar fits all ultrasonic presses using a 3.5" (89mm) column, which includes many USA-built ultrasonic machines and some other makes. Split blackened steel collar 3.5" (89mm) i.d. with two bolts.
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Cooling Cap for Dukane 41C30 Replacement Transducer
Fits tributek AM30122C replacement for Dukane 41C30. To mount, remove two of the top plug retaining screws, work the cap body over the housing aligning the two holes in the cap with the two open screw holes in the transducer housing and secure with the two screws provided using blue thread locker. These Cooling Caps also fit Dukane made 41C30 but the cooling holes in the top plug of the housing should be covered with heat-resistant tape as there will be a gap between the top of the transducer and the inner surface of the top of the cap. Kit contains cap and two screws.
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Dukane 110-3122 Transducer Replacement
Dukane 110-3122 transducer replacement used in almost all 20KHz Ultra Series, DPC, and iQ thruster and press systems that delivers rugged quality and superior value. All-new, precision made in USA in a climate-controlled ISO-registered facility. Three year limited warranty.
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Dukane 20 kHz 1700 Watt DPCIII Press System 30 Day Money Back

This was Dukane’s near top-of-line-product in the early 2000s, fully tested, sold on a 30-day money-back basis.  Ships with a new tributek AM30122 transducer with three-year limited warranty and titanium or aluminum tributek booster of your choice (1/2-10 in/out and … Continued

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Dukane 41C30 Transducer Replacement
Dukane 41C30 probe transducer replacement used with almost all 20KHz Ultra Series, DPC, and iQ generators that delivers rugged quality and superior value. All-new, precision made in USA in a climate-controlled ISO-registered facility. Three year limited warranty.
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Generator Start Cable for Dukane Ultra Series 2 meter

This cable connects to the J20 jack on the rear of any Dukane Ultra series generator.  On dry contact closure it provides 24VDC to the driver board and runs ultrasound until the contact opens. For safety reasons, when using this … Continued

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Mid-Com Monitor/Keyboard for Ultra-Com or DPC III
Working Mid-Com monitor/keyboard with cables for Dukane Ultra-Com or DPCIII.
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