2200 Watt 20kHz Probe System for Immediate Shipment (480)

This  probe system is built around a Dukane 2220HN4-VL1 2200 watt 20kHz DPC I generator built in about 2008. This generator is designed to be mounted in an electrical cabinet hanging from the panel, preferably with a window so the … Continued

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Ultra 3005pair
3000 Watt 20kHz Probe System for Immediate Shipment (536-751)

These ultrasonic probe systems are built around used Dukane 20A3005 20 kHz 3000 watt generators built 1995/1996. They have a later all-digital Auto-Trac driver boards with linear ramp soft start and fully automatic tuning with front panel knob adjustable tuning … Continued

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700 watt 40 kHz Dukane DPC Millennium Press System refurbished 30 day money back

This 700 watt 40 kHz top-of-the-line Millennium DPC Dukane press system was built in 2002 and is in very good condition.  It has been completely checked out, repairs completed and all functions verified.  The Millennium DPC was the direct predecessor … Continued

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Generator Start Cable for Dukane Ultra Series 2 meter

This cable connects to the J20 jack on the rear of any Dukane Ultra series generator.  On dry contact closure it provides 24VDC to the driver board and runs ultrasound until the contact opens. For safety reasons, when using this … Continued

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Ultrasonic Generators

Our digital generators have an exhaustive list of features, including: — All digital control of all parameters — Multi-core main processor with a data rate of 0.5 ms — Digital continuous automatic tuning — True RMS overload protection — Selectable … Continued

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