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At tributek, we strive to deliver quality, value, and snappy service.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail (we check several times each day). When e-mailing, please give complete information about who you are, an address and a phone number. We reserve the right to not respond to what appear to us to be crank e-mails.

Warranty for each item is explained in the text describing the item on the site. If a paper warranty document is supplied with the item it supersedes any warranty information appearing on the site. Customer always pays all shipping costs, both directions, associated with a warranty return. Please e-mail us for a RMA number before returning anything.

A 20% restocking fee will be charged for all new items returned. Used items may not be returned. Please e-mail for a RMA number before returning anything.

All items are EX WORKS Elburn Illinois USA INCOTERMS (domestic FOB Elburn Illinois). No exceptions. Items shipped to an Illinois address which are not used directly in factory production will have 8.5% Illinois sales tax added to the item.

Minimum order is US$50.00.

We are committed to re-using and/or re-purposing packaging wherever practical. While some high value items, particularly converters, have dedicated new packaging that is specifically designed to protect that item, if we are shipping multiple items or shipping smaller items we will look to our large stock of used packaging and inner packing that accumulates as we receive things. Almost everything comes in corrugated containers that are usually recycled once opened and inner packaging such as air pouches and bubble wrap that is usually thrown away. If these items are clean and usable we save them and ship our product in them. We usually turn the boxes inside out so that your receiving department is not confused by the lettering or graphics on the box. We will re-use retail packaging as well as shipping boxes. Our customers have received shipments in boxes that originally held everything from electronics parts to cell phones to corn dogs to eggs to golf balls to construction supplies. This saves us a lot of money buying boxes (which keeps us a value leader in our industry) and maybe keeps something out of a landfill just a little longer or saves a tree here or there. Re-using packaging is even more efficient than recycling it. Even if you don’t support us in this we at least hope it doesn’t bother you.

We believe in keeping it simple, so that’s about it. We hope you find us easy to do business with.