Ultra 3005pair
3000 Watt 20kHz Probe System for Immediate Shipment (536-751)

These ultrasonic probe systems are built around used Dukane 20A3005 20 kHz 3000 watt generators built 1995/1996. They have a later all-digital Auto-Trac driver boards with linear ramp soft start and fully automatic tuning with front panel knob adjustable tuning … Continued

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Cooling Cap for Dukane 41C30 Replacement Transducer
Fits tributek AM30122C replacement for Dukane 41C30. To mount, remove two of the top plug retaining screws, work the cap body over the housing aligning the two holes in the cap with the two open screw holes in the transducer housing and secure with the two screws provided using blue thread locker. These Cooling Caps also fit Dukane made 41C30 but the cooling holes in the top plug of the housing should be covered with heat-resistant tape as there will be a gap between the top of the transducer and the inner surface of the top of the cap. Kit contains cap and two screws.
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Generator Start Cable for Dukane Ultra Series 2 meter

This cable connects to the J20 jack on the rear of any Dukane Ultra series generator.  On dry contact closure it provides 24VDC to the driver board and runs ultrasound until the contact opens. For safety reasons, when using this … Continued

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Ultrasonic Generators

Our digital generators have an exhaustive list of features, including: — All digital control of all parameters — Multi-core main processor with a data rate of 0.5 ms — Digital continuous automatic tuning — True RMS overload protection — Selectable … Continued

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Ultrasonic Probe Systems

Highly advanced probe systems for automation or continuous-processing applications with all the best features, made in USA. A fantastic value! We are pleased to offer highly engineered probe systems and components utilizing advanced digital generator technology and trusted robust highly … Continued

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