Branson 922JA Converter Replacement
Replacement converter for Branson model 922JA (101-135-049), for use with 920IW or IW+ model integrated benchtop welders or 920 D/M (2000 watt) power supplies using actuator or assembly stand. All-new, precision made in USA (ask Branson where they make theirs) in a climate-controlled ISO-registered facility.  Three year limited warranty.
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20KHz Stack Vise for Ultrasonic Tooling
This stainless steel stack vise is designed specifically to clamp 20KHz converter front slugs and booster spanner "collars" during assembly or disassembly to reduce damage to expensive ultrasonic stack components. The vise features two clamping chambers, one for tooling 1.5" (38 mm) dia. and one for tooling 1.8" (46 mm) dia. The two-pin hinge design allows the upper jaw to "float" and seek the best clamp position on the tool for maximum contact. The securing bolt has a long lever handle that can be re-positioned out of the way once secured. The securing bolt can be completely removed so the upper vise jaw can be fully opened. The steel spanner-hole pins are set in stepped holes such that they can be driven out from the bottom of the vise should they ever need replacement.
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