Ultra 3005pair
3000 Watt 20kHz Probe System for Immediate Shipment (536-751)

These ultrasonic probe systems are built around used Dukane 20A3005 20 kHz 3000 watt generators built 1995/1996. They have a later all-digital Auto-Trac driver boards with linear ramp soft start and fully automatic tuning with front panel knob adjustable tuning … Continued

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Ultrasonic Generators

Our digital generators have an exhaustive list of features, including: — All digital control of all parameters — Multi-core main processor with a data rate of 0.5 ms — Digital continuous automatic tuning — True RMS overload protection — Selectable … Continued

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Ultrasonic Probe Systems

Highly advanced probe systems for automation or continuous-processing applications with all the best features, made in USA. A fantastic value! We are pleased to offer highly engineered probe systems and components utilizing advanced digital generator technology and trusted robust highly … Continued

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