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Hot Plate Welding Plate Cleaning

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It seems that one could avoid some of plate-cleaning issues associated with hot plate welding by switching to non-contact hot plate welding. This technique has essentially the same cycle as hot plate welding using the same equipment, except that instead … Continued

Hot Plate Welding Joints

posted in: Hot Plate Welding | 0

Hot plate welding works well with non-planar joints. That said, part fit-up is always important, and especially so when parts are relatively large as is often the case when the process is selected. A quick rule of thumb is to … Continued

Hot Plate Welding Flash

posted in: Hot Plate Welding | 0

Success in hot plate welding depends on generation of flash. This seems a little counter-intuitive, but it makes sense if you think about it. The material is pressed againt the hot plate. It begins melting at the interface and if … Continued

Hot Plate Welding Coatings

posted in: Hot Plate Welding | 0

There has been a lot of discussion over the years about which materials or coatings to use for hot plate surfaces to minimize sticking and stringing of the plastic material. If one can minimize sticking, one can minimize plate cleaning … Continued

Hot Plate Welding Materials

posted in: Hot Plate Welding | 0

When contemplating use of hot plate welding, a critical consideration is the thermoplastic material to be joined. Generally, one would want to join materials with relatively low melting temperatures, low thermal conductivity, a good spread between the melting and the … Continued

Hot Plate Welding Basics

posted in: Hot Plate Welding | 0

Hot plate welding is the oldest of the plastics welding processes. Even today, some assemblies are put together by sliding a hot piece of iron between two parts until the plastic flows and then pressing the parts together by hand. … Continued