Thermoplastics Assembly

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When considering whether to even attempt to blog about assembly of thermoplastic components, the issue of whether I was enough of an expert to be holding forth on the topic kept entering my mind. I have written a lot of magazine articles and technical papers over the years, but they have always been peer reviewed or at least reviewed by an editor of some kind. Blogging is riskier because of the possibility of a remark becoming part of the permanent record even after it has been removed from the site in favor of a better second thought. But then, there are a lot of people who blog on about many things of which they know little, and that does not stop them from doing it, or from being viewed as experts by others who almost mystically assign importance to anything they read on the internet. The truth is that anyone with an opinion and ten bucks a month can have a web site about whatever they wish, without having any qualifications whatsoever. Negative opinions and statements are generally presumed to be true while positive ones are presumed false. For example, if I said a certain restaurant was very good, it would be presumed false because my motive would be suspect; if I said a friend of a friend said they served dog meat, that would be enough to drive them out of business. The more pervasive the internet becomes, the greater this effect. Anyway, my desire is that by blogging the knowledge and experience resulting from my long career in the industry I may help someone to find the answer to a manufacturing puzzle he or she is trying to solve, and to shed light on the various tricks of the trade learned over the years that may or may not be well known or thought of at the right moment in time. Oh, and just to remove any question about the commercial intent of this endeavor, if you are reading this I hope you will buy our stuff. It’s good stuff. What appears in the blog is true to the best of my knowledge and I will call it like I see it. So, enjoy the blog. I hope it turns out to be something of value for you.

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