Step Stud 1/2-20 to 3/8-24
This is a specially heat treated steel socket-head stud with 1/2-20 threads on one end and 3/8-24 threads on the other. Used for adapting horns to boosters that do not have the same thread size. No warranty.
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Polymer (Mylar) Washers for Stack Joints (35 pack)
These washers made of heat-resistant Mylar(TM) can be used instead of high pressure silicone grease in ultrasonic stack joints. IMPORTANT: Use a new washer each time the tooling is reassembled. Do not use both grease and a washer in the same joint. Washers come 35 to a pack. Order the number of packs you want, not the number of washers.
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High Pressure Silicone Ultrasonic Stack Grease
The function of grease in the joint is to: 1. Fill the microscopic valleys in the surface of the tooling to improve acoustic transfer from one component to the next. 2. Remain in the joint so the metal of the two pieces of tooling do not become "clad" together by the action of the ultrasound and thus impossible to disassemble. Never use grease and a polymer washer in the same joint.
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Ring Stand Holder with Clamp Blocks for 20KHz Ultrasonic Stacks
This anodized aluminum holder clamps to almost any ring stand and securely holds an ultrasonic stack using a booster having a mounting ring with a diameter of between 2.65" (67 mm) and 3.25" (83 mm), which is most of the standard ones. To mount a stack, set the holder to an appropriate height on the ring stand and simply hang the stack in the holder and clamp it with the blocks.
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Clamp Block Upgrade Kit for RS200 Ring Stand Holder for Ultrasonic Stacks
Set of two booster clamp blocks to upgrade a RS200 ring stand stack holder to a RS200B. Two aircraft grade aluminum anodized and nickel sealed blocks, two chemically blackened steel cap screws, and two plated steel washers. Made in USA.
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Back-to-Back SHV Bulkhead Connector
This back-to back SHV connector connects with the standard ultrasound cable-mounted SHV connector to connect through a panel into an enclosure or make another SHV ultrasound cable into an extension cable. This item comes with all you see in the photo: connector, silicone rubber gasket, lock washer and nut.
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