20 kHz 2200 watt DPC/Ultra-Com Hybrid Press System


Dukane 210 press with long column and column collar, Ultra-Com controller, DPC-I 2200 watt 20 kHz generator, tributek AM30122 transducer, new titanium booster (you specify ratio), all necessary cables.

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This system has been put together with an interesting combination of components.

It features a Dukane 210 press and Ultra-Com from the crossover era of Ultra-Com and DPC production (1994-2000) that are painted in DPC-era black/blue colors.  It has a 2200 Watt DPC-I generator built the late 2000s.  It comes with a new tributek AM30122 transducer with three-year standard limited warranty (110-1322 compatible) and a new titanium booster (1/2-20 thread 3.25″ ring) with one year standard limited warranty, your choice of ratio.

The Ultra-Com controller has the very last versions of software, low voltage power supply and blue digital display, welds by time, distance, absolute distance, monitors all time and distance functions with programmable upper and lower bad and suspect limits/alarms stores nine setups and has setup sequencing function.  Comes with two keys.

A custom control cable connects the controller to the DPC-I 2200 watt generator.  This generator has performance improvements over the previous Ultra Series generators, including Dukane’s first true digital waveform control with direct amplitude feedback from the transducer so there is no amplitude sag under load.  This generator is capable of current-loop amplitude control so it is possible to use a small PLC to make amplitude adjustments programmable if desired.  We were able to secure one of the last new high voltage input modules Dukane had in stock which is now installed in this generator and has never been used in production.  It has all heat-generating components attached to heat sinks which face into a cooling tunnel through the long axis of the generator with a thermostatically-operated cooling fan.  This particular generator was built to be housed in an electrical enclosure and had terminals for power input on what is in the photo the lower right side near the back.  We have installed a small junction box over the terminals and added a pigtail power cable (add your own 240VAC single-phase plug) so that it can be used without an enclosure laid on its side on the rubber feet we installed as seen in the photo .

The press is the final version 210 which has the larger castings and dual Thomson-rail slide, seven-inch stroke on 2.5″ dia air cylinder, one micron resolution linear encoder, full limit switch kit, dual pressure welding and front panel knobs for mechanical stop and trigger force.  The trigger knob was replaced after this photo was taken because the original had been damaged.  The trigger knob is also marked in the traditional manner for a ten-turn knob rather than the Dukane trigger knob reverse marking, so in this case the smaller the number the higher the trigger force, but it does allow repeatable return to a known setting for each setup.  The sheet metal has some dings and bends as would be expected for a factory machine over 20 years old and paint touch up is visible if you look hard enough, but it runs as though it were new.

The base is the standard DPC style base with conventional safety switches and push-to-stop twist-to-clear e-stop button.

This press has an extra height column so will be shipped with a column collar to prevent the press head from being lowered to the point where a dangerous loss of control of the press head counterbalance spring can occur.

Includes all necessary cabling.  Ultra-Com requires 120 VAC single phase 10 amps and generator requires 240 VAC single phase 15 amps.

Ask for a quote on delivery, setup and training if desired.